We are a scientific group of hearing people and volunteers unified by our shared sensitization towards those with hearing and verbal communication impairments.
The scientific and voluntary organization (LBPL) Deafness Organisation of Greece was founded in 1986, recognized under decision 1454/15-06-1987 by the First Instance Court of Patras.
In 2003, the Patras-based organization was modified and renamed PALO (Pan-Hellenic Deafness & Speech Therapy Organisation) under decision 519/24-09-2003, by the First Instance Court of Patras.

The founding members of the Organization.

PALOs non-stop action led to the creation of the following man departments:
1. Since 1995, the Speech Therapy, Psychological and Audiological Support Institute, recognized as a non-profit organisation by the State under license 9193/1995, implements a collective, modern and efficient program that meets the therapeutic needs of the population of south-western Greece and supports poor families.
2. The School for Volunteer Interpreters of Sign Language and Total Communication has been operating since 1994.
The reasons leading us to establish PALO on December 15, 1986, with the assistance of the co-founder ENT Professor, Mr. Emmanuel Helidonis, Professor of Health Mr. Xenophon Kondakis, ENT Professor Mr Panagiotis Goumas, Associate ENT Professor Mr. Theodoros Papadas, ENT Consultant and Head Audiologist at the University of Patras Mr. Evangelos Papadeas and a select group of volunteers, are as follows:
Its main purpose is to provide scientific information, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic support to people with hearing difficulties, speech and voice impairments, and their smooth integration in society. In 24 years of operation, it has hosted 22 national, international, and Pan-European conferences with 370 contributors and 14,000 delegates. It publishes the "Akousma", it operates a speech therapy support centre, a school for volunteer total communication and sign language interpreters and a cultural section.
Its aim is to approach, promote, and globally investigate the negative and positive aspects of human activity.
It aims to promote the exchange of experiences and proposals and to present the achieved scientific and practical results to the State of all responsibility. PALO opens a window to the truth of life, a podium for the voicing of opinions and considerations. It is a luscious lamp that illuminates and comforts, accompanies, informs and guides the treatment of hearing and speech disorders and hence human health.
The twenty-four year effort of Patras-based PALO aims to raise awareness, set people thinking, and fight ignorance. Therefore, PALO is unique in Greece, as it is of direct interest to a wide range of individuals in all spheres of activity. It addresses all disciplines that come into contact with adults and minors.